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Ashley Madison
Rating: 4.8 / 5
Found: 2001
U.S. Alexa Rank: 6,453
Daily: 1,500+
User Base: 50,600,000 (and still growing)
Visti Site:

This brilliant affair dating site has been in operation for over 10 years and is one of the renowned dating site in the world. It is no surprise that over 50 million affair seekers have registered and already using the service. The site operates on a simple premise. You only need to register, create profile and then search for your suitable match. The site tag line is simply "find your moment". AshleyMadison is the most open-minded dating community for singles, attached, looking to explore, or just curious to discover discreet relationships. Completely independent registration, Discreet photos, Inbox control, Travel perks are designed to help you keep your private life private. Ashley Madison is the original dating site for married people to have extramarital affairs since 2001. However, Ashley Madison today is about so much more than infidelity, it's about all kinds of adult dating.

Sign up
You start your subscription by indicating what you are looking for. Simply put as “tell us your relationship status” There are several options to pick from. It can be, attached male seeking female or male seeking males and vise versa among others. From there, you can proceed by filling in information such as your age, zip code and email address. After this phase, you can add a photo of yourself. The beauty of it is that Ashley Madison can make your face unrecognizable and remain anonymous.

Main Features
Apart from the common features of a dating site, Ashley Madison offer other unique features.
• The choice of relationship type the user is looking for is more real and varied than the ones provided on other sites. Actually, the site has options like “whatever excites me”.
• User weight and body type are prerequisite to complete the signup.
• It is not a must for user to fill up a profile when signing up. You can just answer some drop down demographic questions and you’re good to go.
Besides these features, there is an option to subscribe to “Affair Guarantee” three month service where you can get refund if you fulfill the following list of criteria.
• You must complete the sign up, create a full profile with a photo of yourself and let it be visible for your first 3 months.
• Make sure you send at least 20 “qualifying “priority mail messages to 20 different users every month. NB: wink is never counted as priority mail message.
• Follow the terms and conditions of the site as well as the Affair guarantee program rules.
• Send Ashley gift at least five times a month.
• Initiate or participate in live chat for at least 60 minutes a month while logged in on the site.


If you’re a woman, AshleyMadison is basically free for you since all you’ll be doing is responding to messages. In order to initiate messages and chats, that’s where the paid part comes in (for all men using the site). Instead of having monthly charges, you have to purchase credits.

The intro package with 100 credits costs $50 and the elite package with 500 credits costs $150, so on and so forth. The number of credits determines what you get on For instance, for 5 credits you can contact someone, but after that point all contact with them is free. For 30 credits, you can have 30 minutes of instant messaging with another member. It sounds a little wonky, but at least with buying credits, you’re more in control of your membership. And you can quit at any time.

Pros and Cons

One of the key benefits of being a member is the simplicity of the service. It is easy to sign up and get acquainted with someone special. You only need to fill up your profile and leave it open for the other users. Furthermore, you get suggestions of what you are looking for from the site as long as you have completed the profile.

Needless to say, there are some cons associated with the site. For a person who desires to have a discreet relationship, there’s likely hood of that person moving away from the family. This can make the person feel lonely at some point without that family connection

The Bottom Line

The site has a mobile app both Android and iOS. The app enables users to enjoy the Ashley Madison experience on the go. On a regular basis, the site offer discounts to new users. Overall, the site is suitable for all adult who want to have discrete relationship. It is easy to get a suitable match from just a simple search. The sites provide all the tools and features that make the process easy.


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